A second revelation took place probably on 2 July 1674, feast of the Visitation. In a letter to Father Croiset, Margaret Mary describes it thus:

“The Divine Heart was presented to me in a throne of flames, more resplendent than a sun, transparent as crystal, with this adorable wound. And it was surrounded with a crown of thorns, signifying the punctures made in it by our sins, and a cross above signifying that from the first instant of His Incarnation….the cross was implanted into it and from the first moment it was filled with all the sorrow to be inflicted on it by the humiliations, poverty, pain, and scorn that His sacred humanity was to endure throughout His life and during His sacred passion. My Divine Master revealed to me that it was His ardent desire to be known, loved and honoured by men, and His eager desire to draw them back from the road to perdition, along which Satan is driving them in countless numbers, that induced Him to manifest His Heart to men with all the treasures of love, mercy, grace, sanctification and salvation that It contains….

The second revelation

Thus, all who wanted to render to Him and obtain for Him all the love, honour and glory in their power would be enriched with the abundance and profusion of these divine treasures of the Heart of God which was their source. This Heart of God must be honoured under the form of His heart of flesh, whose image He wanted exposed, and also worn on me and on my heart. He promised to pour out into the hearts of all those who honour the image of His Heart all the gifts it contains in fullness, and for all those who would wear this image on their persons He promised to imprint His love on their hearts and to destroy all unruly inclinations. Everywhere this holy image was exposed to be honoured, He would pour fourth His graces and blessings. This blessing was, as it were, a final effort of His love. He wanted to bestow upon men during these final centuries such loving redemption in order to snatch them from the control of Satan, whom He intended to destroy.”